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Nowadays it is seen that almost everyone has the problem of thinning hair and hair loss. Hair is not going to be protected with various treatments by spending a lot of money. And as a result, premature hair loss and baldness. Is it possible to wear a cap all the time? Best natural hair care tips. Many people are worried about how new hair will grow on the head. If you want, you can save your precious hair by following a few simple steps. Follow 7 effective ways to grow new hair on bald head.

# Change your diet: If you want to grow new hair on your bald head, you must change your diet. The grains, husks and leaves of vedana should be beaten together and then it should be heated with pure mustard oil on low heat. When hot, store it in a chopped bottle. You can apply this oil on the scalp 3-4 times a week. This oil will help new hair to grow on the head and prevent hair loss.

# Use blackberries: There is no end to the quality of blackberries. Blackheads play an effective role in growing new hair on the bald head and stopping hair fall. Regular use of black cumin oil on the scalp will make your hair healthy and shiny. Best natural hair care tips.

# Massage hair: Massage hair regularly to increase blood circulation to the scalp. Keep massaging the head well with one tablespoon of vitamin E. Adding tea extract with it will give good results. Mix these two ingredients well and apply it well on the hair roots with the help of palms and fingers and massage for 7-8 minutes. Then comb the hair well with a thick comb. For good hair growth, you need to massage 3 times a day.

# Massage hair vibrating: We know that hair follicles contain a type of hair follicle. If hair follicles can be stimulated through vibration in the hair, then new hair growth is possible. With the help of vibrating massager you can massage the scalp by twisting it. Massage more on all the areas where more hair is falling on your head. To get good results, you need to massage 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

# Use green coriander leaf juice: Regular application of green coriander leaf juice at the beginning of hair stops hair fall, hair becomes soft, fresh and black, even coriander leaf juice helps new hair to grow on bald head.

# Use of Amalki: Amalki works great to grow new hair on the head. Mix well with crushed coconut oil of ripe or dried mango. Best natural hair care tips. Now massage the oil mixture well on the hair roots. Leave it for a few minutes and wash your hair thoroughly.

# Vitamin-E Capsules: Mix Vitamin-E capsules and eggs well together and apply the mixture on the scalp. It is good for bald hair growth.

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